3Day Report: Part 1

I survived the Susan G Komen 3Day for the Cure!

Compared to how we felt 2 years ago doing the walk, we’re in great shape! Perhaps the knee brace I’m currently rocking might deceive you, but I’m really much better off!

Before I start to share the experience I had this past weekend, its best to start with how to prepare.

Thinking about doing the 3Day?

Well, you should because its an amazing experience.

In brief, you would be walking a total of 60 miles, spread out over 3 days. In order to walk you must raise $2300 towards breast cancer research. You can walk alone, with a friend, or in a large group. There are also plenty of groups who are willing to take new friends!

Sound intimidating?

Here are some tips to make it less so:

Plan ahead! 

We started with fundraising almost a year before the walk. The earlier you make the commitment, the earlier you can start raising money.

Be creative with fundraising.

This was my biggest challenge. I relied heavily on friends and family to make donations. The most successful of our fundraisers seems to be our poker night, where half the pot goes toward the winner and the other half goes toward the 3Day.

There are tons of fundraising ideas on the 3Day website and  you can really do some amazing things. Again, start early!


We didn’t train the first year. Big mistake! We knew not training would be painful, I just don’t think we realized how painful!  I could barely move for 2 weeks afterwards.

We didn’t follow the training schedule as strictly as I would have liked (there are multiple to help you out). However, the little training we did helped immensely and I can’t believe how good I feel right now!

Still intimidated? Well, then crew! 

We decided to take a year off from fundraising last year and were part of the crew.  The crew is a group of volunteers who work the pit stops, food lines, camp setup, and a ton of other things. They help make the 3Day run.

No fundraising minimum, no training for 60 miles.

Its a lot of hard work but not as big of a time commitment.

So I’ve signed up- now what? 

The event is pretty amazing and to fully share with you what goes on at a 3Day I’m going to take the next couple of days to post.

So check back tomorrow for a continuation!

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  1. Nice job! and congratulations!

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