Fall TV Preview

I’ve noticed a couple of my favorite blogs (Hello, Splendor & Nautical by Nature to name some) have been posting their fall television schedules.

Currently one of my favorite topics since I’m getting pretty tired of only reality shows on my dvr!

I’ve tried to cut down on some of my tv shows before its gets too excessive but here are my must-sees.



Sept. 13 (tonight!), Fox

As a former chorus geek this show has always had a special place in my heart. Plus my husband will watch with me so its sort of date night for us!

Grey’s Anatomy

Sept. 22, ABC

I’ve already posted about my renewed love of the show. So its back in rotation! I love the drama of it, plus I feel like I’ve rediscovered these doctors.

Parks & Recreation

Sept. 22, NBC

Having gotten over The Office, we needed a new (fresh) comedy. Having caught up on Netflix, my husband & I are now obsessed.

It reminds us of what The Office used to be like.

The Office

Sept.22, NBC

Yes, I just bashed it but we’ve come so far I can’t give up on it now. There are still moments I find hilarious and I’m hoping a new boss will improve the overall tone of the show.

Plus Jim & Pam are just too cute.

The Good Wife

Sept.25, CBS

Probably the best show on television right now. There’s really no need to further explain, its just that good.

Once Upon a Time

Oct.23, ABC

This new show is from the same writers as Lost. There’s been a large void in my life since Lost ended. I need a new show to confuse, frustrate, and obsess over.

The premise is …. strange. But so was a group of people getting stuck on an island with a deadly pillar of smoke. I’m going to trust them.


Naturally my reality tv schedule will still be included on my dvr but I can’t bring myself to admit to everyone how much I really watch.

Any other shows I should be watching?

{Besides Modern Family. I get it. I’ll start eventually.}

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One Response to Fall TV Preview

  1. Kate says:

    You don’t watch Modern Family?! That’s a crime! I’m just kidding but it is funny.

    I am excited for tv this year. Last year I was pretty disappointed with new shows so I’m hoping the year’s will be better (and not get canceled)

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