Social Whirlwind Part 2: Cava

After our lovely lunch at Rabbit, the next stop on my week of socialness was a girls’ night out starting at Cava.

Two of the girls had been there before & had tempted me at least with the promise of cheese on fire.

Or Saganaki.

{As I warned in my earlier post, I ate a lot & didn’t take photos. So excuse what I can find on the internet!}

Saganaki is pan-seared cheese, which they top with brandy & put on fire in front of you. Dinner & a show!

Cava is a Greek mezze or small dishes. Its perfect if you want to order a lot & try one of everything, which the four of us did.

Other hits were the tzatziki sauce, spanakopita, lamb chops,  opa opa shrimp, and disco fries (fries in a braised pork & braised veal sauce).

Which I had photos but it was amazing!

The interior has a nice atmosphere to be with friends, drinking wine & sharing a meal. Perfect setting for the four of us to catch up & gossip!

While Cava was nice its not something we can do weekly- so my next goal is to be able to start cooking some Greek food at home.

Anyone have a good cookbook, website, etc. recommendation for me?

images 1,2


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