Disney World: Weekend of a Million Dreams!

I was continuing to look through old photos & trips, & stumbled upon my bachelorette party.

I felt I had to share because mine was not your typical party!

I left it up to my 5 friends who were going with me (I’m an introvert- I like small groups!) and didn’t know where we were going until we arrived at the airport!

And yes it required a plane to get there- another surprise for me!

They made me a cute mini-scrapbook to announce we were going……

to Disney World!

{Excuse the terrible photo of me- it was early!}

Your conventional bachelorette weekend? No. Which is why it was so perfect!

So here are a few photos of what makes Disney World the perfect place to bring your future bride.

Annoy your friends by making them stand in line for photos with Disney princesses. Because you’re the bride and they have to! (The resulting photos are pretty awesome.)

Adorable photos you can bring into work!

{It was the Year of a Million Dreams at Disney….. hence the title}

Hang out in Minnie’s house.

With her offensive schedule- really, make Mickey bake his own cake!

Annoy your friends by making them stand in lines for rides you want to ride, because you are the bride!

{Ok, the whole weekend was not me being demanding. Clearly you need to wait for some sort of character photos & that was air conditioned, so no complaints. Dumbo on the otherhand…… that was my demanding moment!}

Get proposed to & fought over by Chip & Dale!

Most bachelorettes will look silly. Going to Disney World amps up the ridiculous outfits you can make her wear!

{Mine was actual Minnie ears with a veil attached, so I could wear the ears later. Very thoughtful!}

The evening festivities also included a nice dinner the night before the park, & then a trip to Pleasure Island after the park. However Pleasure Island closed shortly after we came but there are still some bars around for your “typical” bachelorette hijinks!

What are some unique bachelorette parties you’ve been on?

Or just perfect girls’ weekends? Because that’s pretty much what mine turned into!

When can we go back?!


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4 Responses to Disney World: Weekend of a Million Dreams!

  1. i opted for a low key night… and with all the wedding planning forgot to eat. this resulted in vomiting. at dinner. before we ordered. end of bachelorette night.

    so, yeah… yours wins. cutest. classiest. best. 🙂

  2. LoHi says:

    I did a Disney Bachelorette too! Glad someone else shared in the Pre-wedding Disney fun… It was the PERFECT bachelorette wknd. Just enough fun (Epcot around the world) without killing yourself. Ha!

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