Social Whirlwind Part 1: Rabbit

Last week I was VERY social- a shocking change of pace for my summer!

Of course I ate out a lot & was too busy eating to take photos. Oops! Thank goodness for the internet.

A bunch of new places have popped up in Clarendon this summer & I was pretty excited to have some new options, since me venturing outside of Clarendon is rare.

The first place I went was lunch at Rabbit.

I mean, really. With that cute of a sign how could you not?!

Rabbit specializes in salads and grilled sandwiches. I was expecting an average meal, just another salad place. Instead I got amazing, life changing salad.


The heap of arugula  they put on the plate was enough to make me happy.

I got the watermelon caprese salad and it was delicious. (And pretty, but you’ll have to take my word for it).
{Not my salad, but you get the idea}

Rabbit also serves a couple of different grilled cheeses which seem necessary to try, and has a case full of Red Velvet Cupcakes. Yum.

The interior is very clean and simple,with free cucumber water. Which is not fancy at all but somehow makes me think more highly of them.

If cucumber water does not impress you as much, they also serve wine and beer which makes it also a good light dinner spot.

Pretty much if you’re in the area you need to stop by. The Cosi, Panera, etc. type salads are okay but not anything special and as someone who loves their salad, Rabbit was a great find!

Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews- I have to spread them out for multiple posts since its so rare I got out!

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One Response to Social Whirlwind Part 1: Rabbit

  1. oh, yum! you had me at arugula. i love fresh food and clean interiors. perfect for a girls lunch!

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