Have you ever gone back to an ex after years of being strong & not backing down? Because I just did.

A few years ago I had a very traumatic breakup….. with Grey’s Anatomy.

Ok, so yes, I’m talking about a television show. This may be a sign I need to get out of the house & back to work, but bear with me!

 I’d been there since episode 1. I’d been through breakups, deaths, ferry accidents, the homophobic slurs of Isiah Washington. I’d been loyal through it all.

And then Katherine Heigl started hallucinating her dead ex-boyfriend and I couldn’t do it anymore.

Once a show goes with the cancer storyline, all things go downhill.

So we broke up & I hadn’t looked back. Until this past week.

The culprit for our reunion?


Seriously, how can I resist when I can catch up on all that I missed for free?

We’re back on (though this time I could fast forward through Cancer Izzy) & I’m quite happy about my decision.

Because really, I missed McDreamy in my life.

What causes you to “breakup” with TV shows?

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2 Responses to Reunion

  1. PT says:

    The dead Denny story was a bit contrived but actually once Izzie finds out she has cancer and is being treated for it – those episodes are some of the best of season 5. Heigl is awesome and the whole thing with George’s departure is good as well. Not to mention Owen’s PTSD.

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