Style Icon: Holly Golightly

I’ve had this sitting around for awhile, waiting for the right time to have another Audrey moment.

Now seems good, right?

You know my love of Audrey and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so it seems right  to show how you too can dress like Holly Golightly.

Key pieces:

1. The eye mask: after a rough night hitting all the hottest parties, you need as much shut eye as possible. Holly’s mask can be found on a lot of websites and looks especially good while on a plane ride to Paris (from personal experience).

2. Sunglasses: Sometimes the eye mask doesn’t quite do the trick- still look glamorous and hide those circles!

3. LBD: You can’t be Holly without her classic dress. Pearls are preferred but you can always be creative and put your favorite jewelry with it.

4. Tiffany’s: Short of eating outside of Tiffany’s, you can just wear a Tiffany’s charm. Or carry a Tiffany’s bag. Or just paint your nails Tiffany blue for the real-girl version!

5. Raincoat: You can’t run around looking for Cat in your cute dresses. So get that raincoat pronto!

Head over to the Blonde Episodes to join in the Fashion Friday fun!

And want some more movie style inspiration? Aspiring Kennedy has started a series taking some of her favorite characters!


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One Response to Style Icon: Holly Golightly

  1. i love this!!! who doesn’t need some more holly golightly in their life? no one i want to be friends with. haha 🙂

    looks awesome, and thanks for the link love, friend!!!

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