The Cake Pop Experiment: Part 1

I was led to believe that cake pops were fairly easy to make.

I was lied to.

But I will be honest with you and share my real experience with cake pops and not substitute in a professional photo for the final results!

The items you will need:

boxed cake mix

tub of premade icing

candy melts (I got mine at Michael’s)

lollipop sticks

wax paper


The first part is easy: bake a cake according to the box. Once it cools, break it apart into crumbles by rubbing chunks of the cake in between your hands.

Once all the crumbles are almost dust-like (I couldn’t get it quite that fine but it worked anyways), then mix in 3/4 of the tub of icing. (This helps it stick together).

My first mistake was not doing this next step: let the mixture sit for a few minutes before rolling into little balls.

Put the balls in the freezer for 15 minutes, so that they harden.

With about 5 minutes left before taking them out of the freezer, start heating up the candy coating.

Put a little bit of Crisco into the candy coating to thin it out (gross but its very much needed).

Take out the cake balls.

And here is the second mistake I made: take your lollipop sticks, dip into the candy coating, then put into the cake ball. Do this with all the cake balls and put them back in the refrigerator so that your lollipop stick is firmly adhered to the cake ball.

Once they are hard, take them out and start dipping them into the candy coating.

You want to make sure the coating is in a cup or something so that you can just dunk it in and out.

Put the cake ball pop on a piece of styrofoam to dry. Put any sprinkles on it immediately after dunking because the coating does dry quickly!

And voila:

The world’s ugliest cake pops!

So to recap my main issues: I think the candy coating was still a bit too thick, the cake ball pops were not cold enough to hold up the heavy candy coating, and I didn’t put them back in the fridge after putting the lollipop sticks in, making it even harder for the cake balls to hold up the candy.

With this few tricks I’m going to try this again and hopefully get better looking cake pops! I will keep you updated!

I originally got the directions from Bakerella and  College Prepster.

Once everything went wrong I looked for some videos on YouTube and this one helped clarify a lot of issues! I’d recommend looking at all of them before starting because its the candy coating that gets you!


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5 Responses to The Cake Pop Experiment: Part 1

  1. mrmykie says:

    Good effort! There is definitely a knack to it!
    Check out these beauties!!

  2. Rachel says:

    My first batch looked like that, too. I decided to avoid pink candy since they ended looking like misshapen brains. I have found that every batch gets better, though. And they still taste good, even when they look funny!

  3. you were lied to! they are a pain in the butt… but man, they are pretty delicious.

    my friend and i would tag team the effort… i would do one part, she would do the other. or we would do it together over a long day hanging out. so time consuming!!

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