The little things

My summer is moving by faster and I feel like so much of it is spent inside with the puppy. But this week I started to focus on the little things that were making me happy and were uniquely summer.

Like the fact Pinkberry is now in Arlington!

I’m picking about my frozen yogurt- it can’t actually taste like I’m eating really cold, thick yogurt. I want some sugar in there! The salted caramel was sooooo good and I keep thinking about it!

I also love being able to paint my nails ridiculous colors (like the mint above) instead of trying to appear more grown-up around my teenage students.

I also need to appreciate the access I have living near a city and being able to do things like spend a day at a George Washington University seminar on the Arab Spring.

Ok, it was technically for work but it was voluntary!

I’ve realized I enjoy lectures and miss going to (interesting) classes- it was the tests I could live without.

Living in the DC area I have tons of opportunities to learn, I just need to make a better effort to find them!

The little things keep coming- tonight we’re making muscles and frites! The perfect summer meal at home.

{I’d say a lobster roll on the Cape is the perfect meal, but as I’m not there anymore I will settle for this}.

What are the little things that are making you happy these last few weeks of summer?


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One Response to The little things

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying some simple Summer pleasures before school starts again! My brother’s family was just here from Texas and it was so much fun having all of our sons together!

    Enjoy your last few carefree days!
    xo Elizabeth

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