Costa Rica: Meet the Sloths

To celebrate our college graduation my roomates and I made the promise to go on a cruise ……

within 5 years.

As we were broke, going into new jobs/grad school/retail (I was that lucky girl), we realized we couldn’t properly celebrate our new freedom due to being free from school and parents…. and monthly stipends.

In a shocking turn of events we actually followed through last summer, took off work, ditched significant others, and boarded a ship on Carnival Cruises.

While there were plenty of fruity drinks and lying by the pool there were also some educational excursions.

Our favorite?

The Sloth Sanctuary.

For those of you who are unaware, sloths have two types: two toed and three toed. They live in the rainforest canopies of the Americas and when they are abandoned by their mother the lovely people at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica.

You can learn a bit about sloths, meet a few adults like Buttercup here, and take a lovely little boat ride through the rainforest.

But really, this is why you go:

Funny, adorable little baby sloths.

Ok, they’re weird animals. But really, how many people can say they’ve hung out with sloths for a day?

Which is why my old roomates may be finding this in their stockings come Christmas:

Clearly its the next big thing.

all images mine except the necklace!


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2 Responses to Costa Rica: Meet the Sloths

  1. kim W says:

    OMG! i love this post! and even though I didn’t go, I must have that necklace…does it come in Pink? LOL…Ponkim

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