You Give Jersey a Bad Name

First off: I apologize for that really cheesy post title.

And second: I was long overdue for some mention of Bon Jovi on this blog.

We’ll start with the first on that lovely state we call New Jersey.

I make fun of it as much as the next person, but I have to admit I have a little Jersey in me. My grandparents lived in Wildwood, so it was my second residence for many summer evenings and Easters.

I have very fond memories of the boardwalk, beach, and wudder ice.

I’ve got close friends from the state and the two loves of my life are also Jersey born- the husband and

Mr. Jon Bon Jovi himself.

I may try to come off a little more sophisticated on this blog but I can screen my real loves of 80’s music and hair metal bands. But the truth is out- I know every lyric to every Bon Jovi song, I had his poster in my dorm room (in the 2000’s), and have seen them 8 times in concert.

So see? I feel I have some real love for the Garden State.

But let me tell you what is not helping:

I’ve spent a lot of time with my dvr and reality shows this summer. I watch the Housewives- all of them. I discuss their arguments at length with my mother. I get the special charm that is the Jersey Shore cast. But I’ve reached a breaking point.

And that would be Joe Giudice, shirtless.

Please stop. Your state already has enough of a reputation- don’t hurt it anymore.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a slightly higher class of posts, but for today you’re stuck with Juicy Joe.

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2 Responses to You Give Jersey a Bad Name

  1. Amy @ Soiree says:

    LOVE Bon Jovi….I remember my first Bon Jovi concert in Rochester, NY circa 1989, where I actually got to reach out and shake his hand-so exciting!!!!!! I’m still lovin’ their concerts-they totally rock! They are such a guilty pleasure…what a fun post 🙂

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