Good Addictions

I’ve been stuck in Real Housewives land this summer.

And while I do love some good, cheesy reality TV I’ve missed having an addictive show that I can’t wait another week to see.

I usually have one favorite show that I obsess over- The West Wing, Lost.


The Good Wife.

While I have some friends who claim I’m a middle aged woman for loving it, really, you can’t get any better. Love a good Law and Order courtcase? Need some solid writing and character development a la West Wing? Love story? Josh Charles?

There’s a reason its gotten so many Emmy nominations!

And now this:

If this is just a tease and she did not hook up with Will Gardner, I am going to throw things at my television.

So we’ve got fashion and good television to look forward to when the weather cools down.

What shows are you excited to come back?


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