White Marlie

As I’ve said, every year my husband’s family rents a home in Chatham, MA (part of Cape Cod).

We spend our days at the beach, playing with the nephews.

Our afternoons start with a Cape cocktail- blueberry vodka/lemonade or bourbon slushes are favorites.

The evenings are eating delicious seafood at Arnold’s or making up a casual meal at home.

Ending with an ice cream run into town or playing a game with the whole family.

One of my favorites is just walking around town, shopping at the familiar stores I only get to see once a year.

The family’s favorite? White Marlie!

Their only store is in Chatham, and they have the best casual clothes that are at once nautical , a little prep, a little surf.

Luckily they have an online shop so you don’t have to drive to the Cape to shop!

A few of my favorites:

I love this jacket. Its lightweight but perfect for warm rainy days.

Not sure if you can still buy this sweatshirt, but my sister-in-law and I both bought it a few years ago. Its been a Cape staple ever since- perfect for slightly chilly nights!

Their t-shirts in general are very comfy and their logo just adds a splash of “cool” to it.I love the bamboo and gingham detailing!

These pants look supercute on the model….. may or may not translate onto a real person. We’ll have to see!

This tote, however, looks good on anyone! And will (hopefully) be coming home with me tomorrow.

As will a dog collar and leash, obviously.

As my husband and I frequently go out wearing multiple White Marlie gear, I think our dog needs to as well!

Check out their website:  they don’t have a huge selection (again, pretty small independent store) but their stuff is great and its nice to be a little unique sometimes!

all images from WhiteMarlie


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One Response to White Marlie

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    One of these days, we have to check out Cape Cod, Chatham, Nantucket — I know they are all different, but we haven’t even been to any of them!

    Your summer vacations sounds like the perfect get away!!!!
    xo Elizabeth

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