BookWorm: Cleopatra’s Daughter

I’m a social studies teacher, so naturally I’m a sucker for a good historical fiction novel.

So I was beyond excited that for our girl’s book club we read Cleopatra’s Daughter.

The book is about, why yes, the only daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Cleopatra Selene. After the death of her parents and the conquering of Egypt by Octavian,  Selene and her twin brother Alexander are taken as prisoners back to Rome. They grow up under Octavian’s control but are given the same upbringing as his daughter, nieces, and nephews. There is concern for their future as they get older and may become a threat to Octavian’s rule as they are the heirs to the Egyptian throne.

The best part of the novel is the details on Roman life, from the point of view of an outsider. I may be a social studies teacher but I focus on U.S. history so unfortunately do not know a lot about Rome. I loved how Roman life was woven into the story and came alive.

Of course since this is historical fiction, the characters are all real. This lovely bust? Cleopatra Selene. Let’s hope it doesn’t really do her justice after reading about her beauty in the book!

One of my favorite parts was reading the afterword and finding out the fates of all these characters.

{Naturally, few are happy endings!}

Michelle Moran also wrote a book on Nefertiti and Madame Tussaud, both of which I now want to read. (I mean really, who has thought of Madame Tussaud as a real person and not a fun museum to go to?!)

A good summer read you can’t put down but feel smart because you’re still learning something?


(My friend who gave this to me was actually in Rome while she read it. Just a little jealous!)

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One Response to BookWorm: Cleopatra’s Daughter

  1. Wonderful…adding it to my summer reading list. I’m reading Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants and loving it so far!

    xoxo Elizabeth

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