A Spoonful of Sugar

I’ve been taking voice lessons for a few months now and have learned that my voice is like Julie Andrews.

Okay, not really.

My teacher meant my tone is the same so as a vocal role model I should look to her and not so much that I am the next Julie Andrews, I need to get on the next train to NYC, stat.

(I wish)

Anyways, this has led to me listening to a lot of Ms.Andrews lately- beyond The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

Why is Ms.Andrews such a hero to sopranos?

Um, she had a FOUR OCTAVE range! That’s insane!

{Again, something else we don’t have in common that I wish we did!}

Most know that she had throat surgery in the late 90’s that ruined her voice but luckily we can listen to her older recordings of Cinderella, My Fair Lady, Camelot, and yes, The Sound of Music to appreciate her gorgeous voice.

Also, looking at older photos of her she was very 60’s chic!

So while looking through old recordings and photos of her, I also came across a little clip that combined two of my childhood favorites: Julie Andrews and The Muppet Show.

Ok, perhaps not what she would call the pinnacle of her career but I remember watching this as a little girl and cracking up. So here’s a smile for your Thursday!

I take no responsibility if you’re singing this the rest of the day!


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