Fav Five: Crate & Barrel

How have I not had a post devoted to Crate & Barrel yet?

 If there was one store that exemplified all that my husband and I love, its Crate & Barrel.

Our love affair with the store started a long time ago but only seems to be getting worst.

But how can you not love it?! Its affordable, fun but still nice and grown up.

Since I’ve been spending so much time at home I’m noticing more and more  how some of my favorite things are all Crate & Barrel.

You can’t imagine how happy these bowls make me. I mean, really. They’re bowls. But I get so excited every time I use them!

C&B wine cabinet, filled with C&B wine glasses. This set the whole tone for our dining room, which still happens to be the most put-together room in the house.

And on top of it is this silver tray. Seemed simple enough but it pulled the entire top of the cabinet together to look nice and not just a place to store the overflow of glasses!

Welcome to poufs. They serve as comfortable extra, portable seating or footstools. They get dragged all over the house and are currently the best for sitting on while throwing puppy toys.

(Sadly they seem to no longer carry them.)

Finally, the Raya set! These are seriously the most coveted things we own.

Ok, so Crate & Barrel is everywhere and not a big secret.

You probably already own at least one thing from there.

And sure, its not the fanciest.

But I dare you to walk through and not find something that will make you happy. Because once you get hooked, you’ll keep going back…… and back….. and pretty soon you’re writing odes to it on your blog.


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