The other side of Williamsburg

I’m sure many of you have been to Williamsburg, VA.

School trip? Visiting William & Mary? Family educational vacation? Family Busch Gardens vacation?

Either way, people tend to have a very narrow view of what Williamsburg has to offer.

Abby and I are spending some time visiting my parents, who retired there a few years ago. And because of that I’ve gotten to see beyond the historic area and amusement parks to some fun haunts that won’t make you cringe.

{Full disclaimer is that they might not be totally worth a separate vacation, but if you’re in the area here are some places to check out that won’t give you a headache that the tourist traps do!}

First off, if you’re in the colonial area/Merchant’s Square the only place to go to for lunch (unless you want to overpay for some average food) is the Cheese Shop.

Not quite a hidden gem but as this is the most likely place you’ll find yourself in Williamsburg do yourself a favor and avoid the taverns!

Not in the tourist area is the Old Chickahominy House which has a cute shop to walk around in while you wait for a table.

Or La Petite Tea Shop which is located in the Williamsburg Antique Mall. Completely random but the sandwiches and tea sangria are my favorite!

For shopping  there are the outlets but there’s also a couple of cute local shops that are my favorite for interior inspiration!

Seasons is my favorite- they’re a florist but also carry decor for the home and garden. At Christmas especially I love to wander to get ideas.

For an evening activity (besides mini golf) I would take a class at A Chef’s Kitchen.

Chef John Gonzalez teaches classes every Tuesday and each is a full menu of a specific cuisine. Plus you get to eat the  meal while he shows you how!

Or you can just stop by his shop for some Williamsburg cookbooks (including his own) and other culinary treats.

Finally, the Williamsburg Winery.

This holds a special place in my heart as it was where our wedding reception was.

They have a hotel next door (Wedmore Place), tours, a shop and restaurant to grab a glass of Governor’s White ( my favorite).

Again, the top destination for your next trip? Probably not.

But if you’re there for the usual reasons you now have a list of other things to do!

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One Response to The other side of Williamsburg

  1. Designs by Kara Kihm says:

    I love Williamsburg! I live in Richmond 45 minutes away and my brother went to school there at W&M. I hope you got to go to the outlets!!!

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