The Kooples


I’m officially back from Paris! Though not quite officially back from Paris time.

I have to sift through our 980 photos this week (unfortunately not an exaggeration) but in the meantime wanted to share with you one of our Parisian “discoveries”…..

The Kooples!

Their clothes have a rocker edge to them (skull and crossbone crests), with some British influence (they work with the best from Savile Row), and Parisian flair.

Their clothes are definitely not my typical preppy wardrobe but I must say- I feel pretty cool wearing them.

I scored this lace miniskirt and a leather jacket that is screaming to be worn on a Vespa. However, I don’t think I can convince my husband of that!

The other fun thing about The Kooples is that their models are all real-life couples.

Who clearly are also models in real life.

Not your average business suit!

While I’m glad to be back I was very sad to leave Paris. My consolation is to attempt to move a little away from my preppy ways and bring some Europe to my wardrobe.

Or maybe just buy a Vespa.

P.S. While I’m trying to look more European, Parisians are trying to look more like I did in high school. Abercrombie & Fitch just opened this past spring on the Champs- Elysees and the line was wrapped around the block when we passed by!

Don’t worry though- the shirtless male models were keeping it under control.

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