French Favorites: Pretty Pink Tulips

Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips is sharing her favorite French import today and as she has some of the best taste around, you definitely want to check out her post and her blog!


Today, Kellie is where most of us wish we could be….Paris!!!

 I was fortunate enough to spend a week there, last June, with my family. Yet, what made it even more special was celebrating my birthday there. To commemorate the day, my sweet husband took me to Hermes and bought me one of their enamel bracelets. Every time I wear it, I think of my birthday in Paris.

So, my favorite French import is the icon of the orange box….Hermes! Whether you go to the original on Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore or the smaller shop on the Left Bank, there is no mistaking the quality of the workmanship or the aura of luxury!


Kellie…I hope you get to stop in and bring home a little souvenir.
xoxo Elizabeth

Photo credits: coveteur,  hermes, pinterest, the decorista


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3 Responses to French Favorites: Pretty Pink Tulips

  1. Susan says:

    Lucky you to celebrate your birthday in Paris and to come home with a bracelet from Hermes!
    Not sure if the problem is on my end or yours, but your pictures are not coming through. They’re just little red x’s in boxes.

  2. Kellie, thanks so much for having me! Since we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the photos, I’ve put the guest post up on my site, too!

    Hope you are savoring every beautiful moment in Paris!
    xoxo Eizabeth

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