Wine Totes

I confess, I haven’t been very good about commenting on others’ blogs lately.

With school ending I’ve been reading then quickly moving on to the next one. But I’m correcting myself now and being a better blog reader!

Which is my favor to you- I have a lot of readers but not a lot of comments! So even if its just to say hi please fill out a comment form because I love them!

And make sure to be better than me and comment on any blog you read- we all appreciate it!!!!

Now on to the real post…..

You might have noticed this photo in yesterday’s post and had the same reaction as me: where are those super cute purses from?!

Well, guess what. Those purses get better because they’re actually wine totes!

Not Your Usual Wine Bag Tote Monogrammed Initals

Totes by Charlotte is an Etsy shop that makes what they named Not Your Usual Wine Bag.

Not Your Usual Wine Bag Tote Monogrammed Initals

I love the idea in The Party Dress of giving these as bridesmaids gifts!

Not Your Usual Wine Bag Monogrammed

Not Your Usual Wine Bottle Bag

As you can see they come in a lot of different monogram colors & lining styles.

And at $14-15 they are really affordable to buy in bulk as presents!

* all images from Totes by Charlotte


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2 Responses to Wine Totes

  1. bonfood says:

    Love the bag! I could see Carrie Bradshaw with one in her hand on her way to meet the girls for dinner byo!. Love ETSY too. IN New Zealand we have a similar site of local crafts called

  2. This is such a great gift idea!!! Give it with a bottle of wine and then it can used as a cute clutch. Darling!!

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