Travel in Style: Cape Cod

Everyone at school is abuzz with summer plans, now that we only have 1 day left.

By now its clear my main plans are going to Paris but that doesn’t mean its my only vacation of the summer!

The family makes a yearly trip to Cape Cod , which requires its own style of dressing.

You have two options: name brands like Lilly or Vineyard Vines….. or go nautical preppy.



1. Sundress: Its a casual place to be but there are so upscale places. Every year the girls go out to a nice lunch and for some shopping while the boys babysit. So a casual sundress that can be dressed up or down is a must!

2. Jeans: The Cape gets pretty chilly at night so you’re going to regret just bringing shorts. White jeans are a way to feel summery without freezing!

3. Sweater: Again, its cold. You’ll need multiple long sleeved shirts or sweaters. There are nights when throwing a large sweatshirt to hang out at the beach is perfect, but when you still want to look cute a red striped long sleeve is a good alternative.

4. Beach bag/purse: A bag like this can double for beach time or going shopping. That way you’re ready to just jump in the car or on a bike to your next activity with minimal fuss!

5. Bikini: You’re in New England, not Miami. So your bright neon colored bathing suits might look a little ….. off. Go with classic, preppy colors that will also compliment pale skin. Again, you’re in New England. Tan you will not, but burn you will!


Keep casual but classy!


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One Response to Travel in Style: Cape Cod

  1. Julia says:

    Love the stripes! I did a whole post about how much I love stripes, esp. nautical ones. Now I just have to get from CA to vacation in the cape to fit in!

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