Paris Prep!

Today was supposed to be a Style Icon day, but unfortunately this weekend was too busy for me to get it together!

Instead, you’re going to hear all about my prepping for Paris and next week get excited for some fun guests!

As I was starting to get my packing list together, of course J Crew sends out this email:

I should be saving my money for souvenirs in Paris but these are just too tempting. Is it wrong to buy a new wardrobe to bring to Paris?!

(I’m only half joking)

but I think my favorite is the Rumi dress

Rumi dress

It comes in coral, black, or blue. It just looks so easy to wear as a sundress or a beach coverup.

I also love this:

Souvenir dress

Aptly named the Souvenir Dress, this is ideal for wandering around the City of Light!

I’m refraining for now but I still have a few days left to cave……..

(all images from


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One Response to Paris Prep!

  1. I know this week is filled with so much anticipation!!! I say…get yourself a new dress….Paris here you come! But, save room in your suitcase for a few souvenirs. Can not wait to hear your favorite spots in the City of Lights.

    I highly recommend the Rodin Museum….mainly b/c of the outdoor sculpture garden – with the view of Eiffel just behind.

    Have fun!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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