Beware of Bangkok

My husband and I were going a little stir crazy, so we went to see “The Hangover 2”.

I have to say, it was as hilarious as the first one. Definitely inappropriate. Definitely body parts I did not need to see. But hilarious.


Judging by the audience response, most people found it ridiculously funny too.

The plot is essentially the same as the first, but taking place in Bangkok instead of Las Vegas.

Sure, its repetitive but that’s kind of the fun of it and they acknowledge that.

Plus, its not too shabby staring at Bradley Cooper the whole time!

And the monkey is also a highlight. I won’t ruin it for you, but it may be the most disgruntled monkey in movie history.

So if you need a laugh and aren’t easily offended- go see it.

I’m still giggling about it.


image 1, 2


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