I love websites and computer programs that let you save ideas or photos. However, there’s just something about having it laid out in front of you, where you can physically hold it that makes it easier to work with.

A few years ago I started to rip pages out of magazines that inspired me, when I was decorating my first apartment. This in turn has spiraled out of control, resulting in notebooks or files stuffed to the brim. 

I decided it was time to just organize them into one big binder so I could stop with the random scraps of paper. I like to be organized and had an afternoon to kill, so my inspiration binder was made!

First step, find a cute binder! Nothing is less inspiring than a plain white piece of plastic, so I scouted Target for one with a cute design.

I gathered up all the papers and started to tape them onto pieces of paper. I’m always ripping things out of magazines so I have quite a collection of my favorite items without having to keep the magazines lying around.

I wanted to organize the fashion ideas better so I put them together by season (can you tell I like to organize things?!).

Once I had all the tabs together, it was time to put in all my pages!

So what do I get inspired by?

Fashion is the biggest one. Its helpful when I’m stuck trying to figure out what to wear and need some ideas.

I started out with decorating ideas and still keep some around. A lot of it is rooms I love and have no idea if I’ll ever apply them to a real house. Like J Crew’s Jenna Lyons’ kitchen, which was featured in Domino magazine:

A girl can dream, right?

I also have all my exercise plans in there (probably the most ignored section of the binder), entertaining ideas, and even holiday decor:

I’m sure some people are talented enough to come up with these things on their own, but for me I have loved putting this together.

I use it all the time for some quick ideas and it makes life easier to know its all in one place, instead of searching through old magazines or online for that one photo I saw months ago.


How about you? Do you still enjoy having ideas printed out or have you made the full switch to storing it all online?


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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Love this! I, too, have binder upon binder of inspiration from my favorite magazines. Tabletop, decor, fashion..I have it all. In fact, I think many of us bloggers started with the hard copy versions before we were online.

    I find I pull out less pages now b/c I know I can find them online. But, I do love to keep great magazines and I still refer to my “notebooks” for inspiration!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. I am with ya on the ripping out pages and organizing them.

    I don’t do with with clothing (never thought abt it….goo idea!) but rahter home ideas. I still have my HUGE notebook from where we built our house at the beach house. I have paint swatches stapled to pages & all the bedding/drape swatches that I had made it in. So, next time (God willing) I will know what I used, what I hated, etc. haha

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