Mesa Madness

I’m going to ignore that its Friday the 13th and go straight to the post, okay? No bad luck needed here today!

At some point in the past few years my husband has developed a cooking crush on Bobby Flay. And then some of our closest friends also got the crush, even going to Mesa Grill the night they got engaged.

Basically the 4 of us are now minorly obsessed.

We say Bobby at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show, but my husband and I have yet to taste his delicious food.

So naturally we planned a trip to New York simply to go to a Bobby Flay restaurant.

Saturday night we will be stuffing ourselves silly at Mesa Grill, where I plan to eat a ridculous amount of his famous mashed potatoes.

But why the love for Bobby?

I think its his sense of humor (sarcastic), mixed with the fact that he makes his meals accessible while still clearly showing he is a very talented chef. He’s someone you can aspire to cook like.

His shows are fun, informative, and unique. Brunch @ Bobby’s is our newest addiction, a hard to find show on the Cooking Network.

My husband is excited for grilling weather so we can break out the Bobby grilling books. (In the winter he stuck with the Mesa Grill cookbook and other non-grilling staples. We weren’t Bobby-free!)

Plus he always manages to have a speciality drink while he cooks.

How can you not love that?

So there is my ode to the Flay. And while we will be doing other things in NYC, I’ll be counting down the minutes until dinner.


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