Book Club 101

I’ve been a part of 3 different book clubs in the past few years, and am currently in 2.

How do I find the time? Well, one of those is more revolved around wine than reading, so as long as I show up with a bottle no one cares if I haven’t read the book!

However, I felt that I could share some of the lessons learned from my various book clubs. So here we go with…..


There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed out because you didn’t finish the book. Book clubs are for enjoyment- don’t give members a hard time if they’ve been too busy to read the book!

While you shouldn’t feel pressure you should still be reading. Remember the original intent of the club- just because no one is kicking you our for not reading doesn’t mean you should never make an effort.

I feel like this is a general rule for any club. The meetings will last longer and be more energetic if you feed people! My work book club rotates who brings the snacks; my girls’ book club serves dinner at whosever house is hosting. And of course, the wine.

There is nothing worse than a book club who rigidly sticks to the prearranged questions. Some of the best conversations stem from the book and go into our personal experiences. You may not be completely focused on the story but book clubs work best when you use the book as a jumping off point for conversation. Allow the discussion to go where it wants to and don’t cut it off because you’ve gotten off the topic question.


Not everyone has the same taste, so for two reasons don’t always stick to the same genre. For one, you may read a book you would have never picked but end up loving. And again the opposite might happen- if you hate a book you can always hope the next one will be better.

Your book club shouldn’t be exclusive. Both of mine has allowed me to get to know new friends and even old friends better. However, there’s a certain point where its too much. No one can talk, the group is so big it splits into “cliques”. At some point you have to cut off numbers because the larger the group, the harder it is to function as a whole unit. Keep that in mind when inviting new members.




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