Water for Elephants

I’ve already posted about Reese’s gorgeous Vogue photos,

but finally saw the movie last night.

As Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books, I was a little nervous over how the adaptation was going to go.

And I have to say- I loved it.

I thought it was very true to the book and that anything cut out was background story that couldn’t have been included in the time frame.

For those who haven’t read the book (go now!), here’s a brief synopsis: during the Great Depression Jacob has to go off to find work after his parents die. He went to school to become a vet but never took his final exams.

He joins the Benzini Bros. circus, where once they realize he has vet experience he gets a more prominent role in assisting the animals.

Marlena is the star attraction, married the boss, a man who is both abusive to her and to the animals.

Once Rosie the elephant is bought it is up to Jacob and Marlena to train her for the new grand act.

So for once the movie does not dissapoint.

It captures the unique charaters and mood of a 1930’s circus.

Plus Rosie is awesome.

How could you not want to befriend an elephants after seeing this?!




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