Shaken, not stirred

I’m still recovering from my weekend in Philadelphia with my college roomates and my first adventure on the Megabus.

But wanted to share about one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted in my life.

On Saturday we went to lunch at Continental, which looks like you’ve stepped a little bit onto the set of Mad Men, from the giant olive over the front door to the swanky lounge atmosphere. That alone made me happy.

And then the drinks came….. they have delicious martinis but I was instructed to get the Twizzle.

Seriously, how fun is that?

It had strawberry puree in it and had just the right amount of sweetness so it didn’t taste like a dessert.

And then there was the french onion soup dumplings….

This my friends is a little bite of heaven. There were six of them, so plenty to split, but I’m pretty sure I would be happy with this as my meal. It tastes like the best french onion soup you’ve had, but in a dumpling form.

I have no idea how they get the consistency right but if  you’re in Philly and are looking for something a little nicer than a cheesesteak (though also heavenly, so I will not judge) I think you need to try this.

Today its back to work and back to my boring packed lunch, but I will be craving some more of these dumplings for a long, long time!


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