Brunch bunch

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Easter was spent with my husband doing some of my favorite things, mainly napping & brunching!

Brunch happens to be my favorite meal that I get to rarely enjoy, but after Sunday I think its going to become a main part of my weekends.

We made eggs benedict & even used my little egg poachers. Which I perhaps enjoyed a little too much, but really- whats the point of cooking without fun utensils?!

I was mainly in charge of stirring the hollandaise sauce & making the mimosas, since my cooking skills are not quite up to par.


However our egges benedict, orange-pineapple mimosas, and fruit salad turned out quite delicious!

And to complete our brunch themed morning, we watched our new favorite show, Brunch at Bobby’s

I’ll have a separate post on our love for Bobby Flay (my husband is OBSESSED!) but we’ve been getting a lot of new brunch ideas to try out.

Last week’s episode: “Siesta Fiesta”.

On the Spanish-themed menu: cafe con leche, sangria, churros with chocolate dipping sauce, home fries with roasted tomato aioli, and my favorite…..


Country ham and fried egg on angel biscuits.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, they looked delicious on the show!

I’m looking forward to more posts on my new favorite mealtime.


Bobby’s images


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One Response to Brunch bunch

  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend!!

    And honey, I am with you….we have to use all the fun utensils!!

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