A week in the life of …..

Spring break as an adult is not quite as exciting as it was as a kid. There are some responsibilities that never go away.

However, its also a little more luxurious to be sitting home while everyone else is hard at work!

How did I spend my week?


I slept in, went to the dentist, & did other exciting errands.

But I did go over to my friends’ place to watch Gossip Girl & have some wine. It seems more exciting when you know  you can sleep in the next morning!


I still had papers to grade but its a little more fun doing them in a cute coffee shop (Firehook) than at work. I treated myself to an Easter cookie & a Coke! (Very mature, I know).


I’ve started training for my 3Day Breast Cancer walk so got some quality walking time in. And I might have walked 4 miles straight to McDonald’s, but don’t judge me!

Especially since the evening ended with happy hour with the girls…..


I became a lady who lunches! I met up with a friend for some pizza & shopping in Georgetown.



As today is gross & rainy, I guess its the perfect time to be productive. I’m going to attempt some cooking, read a good book, & perhaps grade some more papers.

Maybe even catch up on my blog reading?


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