Where are you sun?!

The weather has gotten cold again ( snow!?!?!?!)

but I’m rebelling.

This weekend was spent shopping for some spring essentials & I’ve convinced myself I will be wearing them soon.

I brunched & shoe shopped with my girls on Saturday, then attacked the outlets with my husband on Sunday. Pretty much a perfect weekend!

Two of my favorite purchases:

Nine West had a sale & I’ve been wanting some nude patent heels. My friend convinced my other girlfriend & I to buy them due to the fact they are not only gorgeous but super comfortable. Sold!

As a pale girl with blonde hair, orange is hard for me to pull off. And my husband’s very color is orange so I keep trying.

Luckily cinnamon is in for spring (as close as I can get to orange) & Banana Republic’s outlet did not fail me.

And the shoes will even match!

So it may be cold & I may be back at work but I have a warm spring with cute new clothes to look forward to.



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One Response to Where are you sun?!

  1. Love your new purchases!!!! That cinnamon colored dress is fantastic!

    Things will warm up soon, so keep those near the front of the closet!
    xo Elizabeth

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