The Romantics

A few months ago my book club read The Romantics.

I wanted to love it, really.

A group of twentysomething friends gather in New England for an angsty wedding and drama ensues. How fun does that sound?

Not so much, apparently. I hated almost every character.

The movie still looked appealing though, so I gave it a try.

Maybe the actors gave the characters some charm.

Maybe the writer is more adaptable to film.

Or maybe I already knew the characters annoyed me so I didn’t focus on it much.

But it defied the law that the book is always better than the movie.

I still would not be friends with any of these characters

(Josh Duhamel may be good looking but is his character Tom really worth all this fuss?!?!)

But at least I didn’t want to throw my remote at the TV like I wanted to throw my book.


Any other movies out there that were actually more enjoyable than the book?


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