Travel in Style: Paris

Two of my favorite topics to chat about are travel & shopping.

So I’m starting a new series: Travel in Style.

I’ll be taking a city or travel locale

& pick my top 5 requirements for my suitcase.

 Hopefully I’ll even get some guest bloggers to join in!

So without further adieu, I am of course starting with Paris!



1. Nordstrom bag:

My sister-in-law gave me this for Christmas one year & its now a requirement for all trips. It folds up into a little pouch to stick in your suitcase, then expands into a huge bag for all your souvenirs. Plus they’re stylish, unlike others I’ve seen.

2. Black flats

I refuse to be walking around Paris in sneakers! So my trusty black flats will be my practical walking shoes.

3. Scarf

Not only is it a great accessory but since I’m always freezing on the plane this is going to used a lot!

4. Sundresses

Easy to throw in the suitcase (no attempting to coordinate outfits), easy to throw on, and easy to dress up or dress down. Easy and cute. Perfect.

5. Capris

I’ve heard that shorts are not very European. And while I know I will stick out as a tourist, I at least like to pretend to dress the part before I go. So I will be throwing in my J Crew capris for the days where a sundress is not an option!

And #6: My iPod

This is a requirement on any plane trip I take. For some reason I cannot read on a plane & in general I’m not a pleasant person to travel with! So my iPod is my savior – I can download a new TV show and plenty of music to lull me to sleep. Its the only thing that gets me through it!

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One Response to Travel in Style: Paris

  1. designchic says:

    Perfect suitcase for Paris…may I travel along?!

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