Boots for all seasons

First off, the fact that Target carries Boots products has been pretty exciting. As I’ve lived in London and love everything London, its nice to have a little glimpse of it when I’m crankily doing my shopping.

My favorite of their lines though is the Original Beauty Formula. The packaging first attracted me because its old-fashioned looking and just really pretty.

The great part though is they smell so good and work really well. All the scents seem a little old-fashioned (rose, lavander) but they’re really light. Especially now that its winter and my hands are dry, lips are chapped, its nice to be using a product that smells flowery and slightly spring- like.

I also love that they’re not greasy, the lotions are absorbed really well, and that the scent just lingers afterwards. I haven’t tried all of the products yet and some of them are just sitting in my bathroom as decoration, but the ones I do use constantly are……

The lemon body wash seems a little more luxurious than your normal drugstore brand. Probably that has all to do with the bottle but it smelled good too.

I have never used any other cuticle oil and never really thought about buying it, but it seemed necessary when I saw it in Target. Its been useful in this winter besides looking cute in my cabinet.

It works a lot better than your average Chapstick and isn’t sticky like gloss would be. I’ve been going through mine like crazy.

I’ve a little addicted to this. My hands get really dry and drive me crazy. Other lotions have been really greasy or don’t smell great. This not only smells very pretty but it absorbs into the skin and leaves my hands super soft. I’m using antibacterial sanitizer or washing my hands all day, so I have some at work, at home, and sometimes another in my purse. If they ever discontinue this I will be devastated!

Add these products to your list of impulse Target buys the next time you go!


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