London Habits

I lived in London for 3 years when I was in elementary school. Yes, that was forever ago but it had a big impact on me and since I was so young a lot of my first clear memories are from London. So here’s some of the things that I started to love in London and still love today!

1. Strawberry tea

As every good little English girl does, I learned to love tea at a young age. And strawberry tea is my favorite. Somehow I have never been able to find a U.S. brand that is as good as the British ones, especially Fortnum & Mason’s.

2. Scones

Since I love high tea, I will clearly still love scones. However, I don’t really like to bake so fresh, hot scones were not possible. Until I discovered these:

Sticky Fingers scones that not only come in a variety of delicious flavors but involve the simplest directions: add water, mix, divide on baking sheet, bake, eat. Perfect!

3. Cadbury Flakes

My other food love is Cadbury Flakes. Really nothing reminds me of childhood more. The best is putting a Flake in a soft-served ice cream cone . YUM!


4. Andrew Lloyd Webber

There may be better  composers but Webber was my first introduction to the wonderful world of musicals. And I was that rare 7 year old who could recite the entirety of Phantom of the Opera. I used to act it out in my living room. So normal!

5. The Royal Family

This is a no-brainer. What little girl wouldn’t become obsessed with a real life princess? I papered my walls with photos of Princess Diana and collected the Royal Family baseball cards. Yes, you read that correctly. Royal Family baseball cards. I still own them- they are awesome.

What childhood loves do you still hold on to as an adult?


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