Four Eyes

I’ve been having lots of eye problems for the past few months, requiring me to wear my glasses. Since I hadn’t gotten a new pair in nearly 10 years (oops) it was a neccessary purchase, especially since my eyesight changed.

When I went shopping I learned that I have a freakishly small face and most glasses don’t fit me. It was serious- she had me trying on children’s glasses. Barbie brand. Finally we found a pair of Candies that worked, so I guess I moved up from glasses for 9 year olds to glasses for 16 year olds.

For the adults who have adult sized faces, here are some other cute glasses.

Of course Kate Spade would have an adorable, classic pair.

Dolce & Gabbana- you can go with classic black…..

Or crazy pink.

Speaking of crazy pink- these Dior ones may not be the most practical but for pink glasses, they sure are pretty.

I like the subtle Burberry plaid.

These Coach designs- not so subtle but in the normal colors is really nice.

My favorite color is purple, so of course I love these Coach glasses. Not sure how crazy they would look in person but they look fairly normal on the website.

Ok, these I would probably never wear  but I still love the color.

Some lavendar Juicy Couture glasses for the spring?

All glasses can be found at, and they have a huge selection that you can search by brand or color.


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