The sun is shining, which is really deceiving because its FREEZING outside! Plus, I’m certainly not in the mood to be working. So I’m looking at places I rather be……

Positano, Italy- possibly the most gorgeous place in the world.

(My friends AND my parents are both going this summer…. I’m jealous!)

A cafe in Paris.

(I’m going this summer, which we’re starting to plan tonight!)


A pub in the English countryside

(If I’m going to be cold, it might as well be in a charming place)

Or an outdoor brunch.

Instead I will sit in the heat, and avoid the melted snow and wind chill outside. But at least I will be vacation planning tonight!


Positano:; Paris: Wikimedia Commons; England:; Brunch: House Beautiful;


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One Response to Brrrr……..

  1. Ilse says:

    In what town was that English pub? 🙂

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