BookWorm: Pillars of the Earth

 Here’s what I don’t get about this book: it was fascinating, not too difficult to read, and I couldn’t put it down, yet it took me nearly 3 months to read! I don’t get it. I’d read for hours at a time and yet still seem to not make a dent in it. The good news: the book is worth it. The bad news: that’s 3 months of my life dedicated to one book.

The story is difficult to explain because it sounds really dull: its about the building of a cathedral, from start to finish, and all the people involved with it. There is a lot of information about architecture and the building itself…..

Yep, I had to skip those parts. I really don’t care about how you need to build beams. The main part of the book follows a core group of characters who are somehow involved with the cathedral. The builders (Tom, his stepson Jack), the monks (Prior Phillip), the townspeople (Aliena), and the land owners (William). There are also small bits of history thrown in, particulary Thomas Beckett.

Its a good historical novel but if you can’t bring yourself to pick up the large brick of a book, Starz did make a miniseries. I have  yet to watch it but it looks really good and probably will not take 3 months to watch!


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One Response to BookWorm: Pillars of the Earth

  1. Beth says:

    I agree with Kellie’s synopsis. I am reading this on my kindle which is good because I don’t have to carry around a thick book and bad because there are no page numbers. All I can see is I have read 41% of the book and that has been the percentage for the last 3 days. This book is good, but yikes I need to devote a whole vacation to it.

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