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When my brain needs a break at work sometimes just doesn’t do it. I have 3 main blogs that are on heavy rotation on daily updates and since they in part have inspired me to start this up again, I figured I’d share why I love them. (all have links on my Blogroll)

I love food and going out to eat food. I love to pick out recipes that I will sometimes pretend to cook while my husband actually takes over. I love to pretend to be hip and know what’s going on in town. And of course, I love Chad. All reasons for me to read this blog. For anyone in the DC area, this is the place to check out all the latest restaurant news and get great cooking ideas.

I randomly stumbled on Aspiring Kennedy one day when I didn’t want to do work. The title lured me in, with my love for Jackie. I’m pretty sure I want to be best friends with this girl- she loves the Kennedys, she’s an American living in England, and she writes on everything from travel to fashion to design. I love it.

I may be moving further and further away from being college-aged but this Georgetown student’s fashion sense is right up my alley. If you’re not a Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, headband lover than maybe this is not for you. However, since I love my preppiness I love this website. (I do however ignore posts like study tips, because then I just feel really old.)

So there are my top 3. I’ve limited myself so I don’t spend too much time reading blogs when I should be working, but daily checking of these makes me a little happier.


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